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Product ID R720
Category 517
Product Name 720 PLAIN FOIL 12X10.75 12/200 INTERFOLDED SHEETS
Description Use in cooking, serving, storing, and freezing. Foil rolls come in a wide range of sizes and in standard, heavy duty and extra heavy duty weights. Wipe away typical foodservice kitchen spills from Reynolds Wrap Premium Foodservice Foil in wipable cartons. Convenient foil sheets pop up one-at-a-time. All foil products come in cartons wrapped in shrink film that carry dual UPC and Kosher and include set-up instructions in Spanish, French and English.
Vendor Code 130600
Vendor Name PACTIV
Vendor Alias
Commodity Code REFS
Description 1 REYNOLDS FOIL SH
Description 2
Unit Of Measure CASE
Selling Unit Of Measure CASE
Private Stock Number 1